Top tips for supporting young researchers

Here are some top tips for successfully working with young people on a research project:

  1. If you don’t work directly with children and young people, liaise with a teacher, youth worker, or council officer to recruit young people.
  2. Let the young researchers take the lead - facilitate the group rather than directing it.
  3. Be realistic about what you and the group can achieve within the time and resources available - don’t be overambitious!
  4. Help the young researchers to choose a research question that is interesting, useful, answerable and not too broad.
  5. Support the young researchers to learn new skills throughout the project. You can increase your own research skills by reading this guidance and other resources.
  6. Make the project fun and empowering for the young researchers to keep them engaged.
  7. Be ethical – make sure that your research does no harm and be honest with people who take part in your research.
  8. Support the young researchers to disseminate the research widely and have an impact.