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About Enquiring Schools

Enquiring Schools supports professional development and school improvement by engaging teachers in and with research.

Teachers and SLT are guided through a seven step programme by a dedicated NFER facilitator. They work together to identify pupils’ needs and the changes they want to see in their students’ learning; review the latest evidence about effective practice to identify new strategies; design disciplined research projects and rigorously evaluate the results.

Each step is supported and guided by a dedicated facilitator. You will also receive a copy of the Explorer Toolkit which outlines the methodology and includes ideas for activities to stimulate reflection and discussion.

Seven step methodology

Guidance and support

Facilitators are experts in primary and secondary education who will:

City Academy, Norwich

It has given me the confidence to move our curriculum forward in new and exciting ways. It is having a hugely positive impact on my practice and on the development of our team.
Hannah Swain Integrated Curriculum Teacher


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