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Enquiring Schools

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The Enquiring Schools programme focuses on improving outcomes for learners in your school by enhancing teaching practise through research. Improvements are planned and implemented by teachers, following NFER’s seven step methodology, with help from an experienced facilitator.

Staff at all levels work as a team to consider the changes they want to see in children’s learning outcomes, assess published research to identify the most effective teaching strategies for their classes, plan their own enquiries, monitor the impact and analyse the results.

This proven approach:

The programme therefore makes a positive difference to learners by:

Enquiring Schools also provides the opportunity for you to gain recognition for your enquiries through the NFER Research Mark

I know students have benefitted from their teachers finding things out, sharing and discussing knowledge.
Sue Hunt, Deputy Head,
Wilmington Grammar School for Girls

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Since 2010 we have been a ‘sector-leading’ school in Wales but we never become complacent. We are constantly evolving and reviewing where we are going next and the Enquiring Schools programme is one very important way for us to keep evolving as a team of professionals.
Geraint Morris, Headteacher, Rofft Primary School, Wexford


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