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Research tells us that the best way to improve outcomes for young people is to improve the quality of teaching and learning. This is why effective CPD is the core of school improvement. The Enquiring Schools programme is build upon all we know about what makes for the most effective form of CPD.

Our evidence-based approach brings together the key features of professional development that are known to most improve learning and teaching:

The seven step programme empowers your teachers to take control of their own learning and directly connect their professional development to the children they teach.  It helps teachers:

On reflection, the project with Futurelab has changed my view of teaching. It made me stop and think about what I'm doing and to look at current research. I've been teaching a long time and it's easy to get locked into a routine. The programme has opened me up to try out new things.
Dawn Hanwell, Year 6 Teacher

The fact that I had a focus and there was something to try and improve on specifically had a knock on effect on the rest of my teaching and I felt I’d improved all round.
Phil Kennedy, Music teacher


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