Frequently Asked Questions

Queries before ordering

Queries after ordering

How do I order?

Orders can be placed by completing an order form. These are available on this page.

Once completed this can be returned to us by post, e-mail or fax. All the details for returning the order form to us can be found on the order form itself, there is also a contact number for if you have any queries.

How much does it cost?

Pricing is worked out on a cost per pupil, per test basis. The prices start from £2.85 for a reading or grammar and punctuation test, and go up to £3.10. Prices for maths start from £4.55 and go up to £4.85.

All orders are subject to a £185 standard administration fee as well as the individual price calculated from the amount of pupils you have taking the tests.

Please be aware that this service relates to the marking and analysis of our NFER Summer tests and the sale of the tests is not included so you will have to order these separately.

Why are mathematics tests more expensive?

While reading and grammar and punctuation tests only have one paper, the mathematics tests are made up of three, test 1, test 2 and an arithmetic test.

What does the service provide?

This is an independent analysis and marking service for NFER Summer tests. You will be provided with a tailored report with the latest national data, from which you will be able to accurately measure your pupil’s achievement.

As we employ our own expert markers to mark the papers this will free up your teachers time and allow you to still get the results and analysis you need to inform your teaching.

Your report will contain question-level data profiles for each pupil, including raw scores, age standardised scores, standardised score and age-related expectations. This data is easily comparable in terms of individual pupils, background data and national data. Examples of the reports can be found here.

What information will you need from me?

We will need details and background data for all pupils who have been entered for the service. We ask for pupils’ gender, SEN stage, FSM status and KS1 results. The more information you are able to provide at this stage, the more enhanced your level of analysis will be.

How do I send data?

Once your order for the Analysis and Marking Service has been processed we will send you a letter containing log in details to our secure school data portal where we will require the data to be uploaded. You will also be sent a copy of our guidance notes which will walk you through the process of uploading your pupil data.

Is the data safe?

All data is captured in line with NFER’s strict confidentiality policy and is used to create a more comprehensive analysis for you.

Can I amend the data once it has been uploaded?

When you upload your data you will be given an opportunity to review the data that has been uploaded and make any amends to it at this point. Any data that needs amending will be highlighted at this point so please check thoroughly. Once you transfer the data after this point you will not be able to make any more changes until after tests have been sat.

Once your students have sat the tests and you have logged onto the portal to update the test status you will be given an opportunity to edit pupils uploaded previously or to add additional pupils who weren’t originally included in the original data. This can be done just before the tests are due to be marked so will be the final chance to make any amends.

I'm unable to access the portal using the login details provided

Make sure that your password and username has been entered correctly and that you are paying particular attention to where letters are capitalised and ensuring there are no spaces. If you have received the password via an email from us then try to copy and paste this directly into the password box.

If problems continue to persist then please get back in contact with us so we can reset your password.

How are my tests marked?

Once we have collected your pupil data and a marker has been allocated to your pupils’ tests we will send a pack out to you containing pupil labels, these will be sent out early in the Summer term.

These labels will need to be placed onto your pupils’ test papers. You will also be sent a supply of polylopes for you to send tests to markers. Please make sure the right tests are being sent to the right markers or this could cause delays while we try and reroute these to the allocated marker.

When will you receive the pupil labels?

Pupil labels will be sent out to arrive with you by mid-May.

How will you know my tests are ready to be marked?

We ask that you set your pupil test status on the school portal that you used to upload the data. Guidance on how to do this will be sent to you at the same time as the labels.

Once we have confirmation that all your pupils have completed their tests we will arrange for a courier to collect the tests from you.

When will the scripts be picked up from our school?

Tests will be collected, in the first instance, on the Wednesday 23 May. If you are in tranche 2 and uploaded your pupil data after 20 April your tests will be collected on the 29 June.

Is there an alternative date for picking up scripts?

The alternate date for collection of tests is Tuesday 5 June.

What happens to my pupils’ tests once they have been marked?

Once the tests have been marked we arrange for the markers to return these back to you by courier.

Please note that because we use an electronic marking system, marks will not appear on the test papers when they are returned to you.

When will I receive the tests/scripts back?

If you are in tranche 1, your tests should be returned to you in the week beginning 2 July.

If you are in tranche 2, your tests should be returned to you in the week beginning 3rd September.

One of my pupils has taken the year below test as they are working below their year’s test level. What should I do?

If this happens we are able to adjust the pupil’s year group so they appear within the analysis for the test they took. However this may affect the results involving the pupils ages.

When will I receive my report?

If you ordered this service and uploaded your pupil data to us before 20 April you will receive your report in the week beginning 2 July.

If you ordered this service and uploaded your pupil data to us after the 20 April but before 8th June you will receive your report in the week beginning 8 September.

How do I access the results?

Your results will be uploaded onto NFER’s secure school portal. Details of how to access the report will be sent out to you in the post as soon as your report is available. There will also be a report guidance document uploaded to help you get the most from your reports.

Can we receive our results early?

Unfortunately we are unable to provide any results earlier. All tests need to be marked, reports and analysis will need to be produced and checked before being uploaded onto the portal before you are able to access them.