NFER Panel of School Leaders

A Panel of School Leaders from England and Wales was established by NFER in 2012 to inform its work towards helping improve the education and wellbeing of learners of all ages.

As a respected school leader on the panel, you would join a small group of like-minded colleagues and professionals at NFER and help us shape our activities so that they can really ‘make a difference’.

Our school leader panel was established to act as “critical friends” of NFER. Membership of the group is reviewed annually and we aim to retain a cross section of schools represented on the panel. We recognise that School Leaders are busy so we take account of this in our interactions and the extent of engagement has varied.

In 2017/18 we aim to work closely with the panel particularly to guide our work in identifying how NFER’s varied activities can best inform and support schools.

In the past the school leader panel has been involved in:

Most interactions with the panel are one to one or small group (online/telephone) meetings, we have in the past also brought the group together face to face however recognise that this is not always practical. A member of the NFER team also visits prospective and new panel members.

In return, NFER offers each panel member:

To express an interest in joining the panel, please fill out the contact form below and a member of staff will be in touch in due course. At present, this is only open to leaders from England and Wales.