NFER Tests Suite 2 autumn, spring and summer

Optional tests for Years 3, 4 and 5 to help monitor pupil attainment and progress


NFER Tests provides three sets of tests: one for use in each of the autumn, spring and summer terms to help monitor attainment and progress in or across Years 3, 4 and 5.

Autumn and summer tests are available to order for delivery within 10 working days. Spring tests are now available to pre-order now for delivery from December 2017.

Autumn tests

Autumn tests can be taken at the start of the school year to provide a baseline from which progress in the year is monitored, or at the end of the autumn term or beginning of the spring half term to help review attainment within the year.


Summer tests

When used on their own, summer tests can be used to monitored year-on-year progress. When used together they can help monitor pupil progress within an academic year.


Spring tests (Available to pre-order now for delivery in December 2017)

Spring tests can be used on their own to measure attainment at a specific point in the spring term. When used with the autumn and/or summer tests they can be used to monitor progress within the school year.


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