NFER Tests Progress Monitoring Tool

Additional tools to help you interpret your NFER Test results

We have created some additional tools to help you interpret and get the most out of your test results. Access to both our Progress Monitoring Tool and Question Grids are free for schools who purchase the relevant Teacher Guide.

Progress Monitoring Tool

The NFER Tests Progress Monitoring Tool is a new tool allowing teachers using NFER Tests to record a pupil’s marks from the autumn and summer tests for all three years on one spreadsheet – enabling progress to be monitored between terms and across years.

This easy to use spreadsheet has a number of new features to aid teachers' marking and analysis, including:

Full details on how to use the new tool and interpret its outputs are available to all NFER Tests customers and can be found in the short guide available on your school portal, along with the tool itself.

Question Grids

Question Grids allow you to explore patterns of performance on the test across your whole class. For each question, the grid shows the average mark of pupils in the national standardisation sample. It also shows which questions address each of the elements of the content domain. Completing pupils’ scores in the Question Grid will enable you to compare performance on different areas of the content domain with a nationally representative sample.

Video guide: Getting started with the Progress Monitoring Tool

Watch this video walkthrough of the Progress Monitoring Tool to see how it can help you get more from your tests.

Webinar video: Making the most of the Question Grids

In this 30 minute video recording of our live webinar, NFER’s Katherine Fowler goes through the various features of the Question Grid spreadsheets, and shows schools how to get the best use out of them.