NFER Tests Suite 2 autumn, spring and summer

Optional tests for Years 3, 4 and 5 to help monitor pupil attainment and progress


Helpful new tools to help you with marking and formative next steps

Totalling a child’s score and the scores for the whole class, working out average performance of the class for each assessment focus or attainment target, distinguishing where the gaps in learning are and deciding on next steps in learning can be onerous tasks when faced with a pile of answer booklets.

For both reading and mathematics, NFER has created two sets of free spreadsheets to make the business of marking and collating results easier:

1. Question Grid

This spreadsheet allows you to input the names of all the children who have taken the test and enter the number of marks each child got for each question. The spreadsheet then automatically calculates

2. Score Converter

Very simply input the names of all the children who have taken the test and enter their date of birth and total score. Input the date of the test and the score converter automatically converts the total marks gained per child into an age standardised score and a national curriculum level. This can be used to compare the child’s performance to other children in the same year group.

How to access the spreadsheets

These spreadsheets can be accessed from our School Portal (/portal) using Login details provided to you along with your ordered tests.



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