NFER Tests Suite 2 autumn, spring and summer

Optional tests for Years 3, 4 and 5 to help monitor pupil attainment and progress

What schools think

Suite 2

“Age-appropriate and interesting for the children”

During the trialling of the NFER Tests Suite 2 summer, we asked teachers to respond to a questionnaire about the materials. Below is a short summary of their responses.

Over the three year groups, of the 100 teachers who responded to the question, 96 felt that the tests sufficiently reflected the new national curriculum.

Generally teachers felt that the new NFER Tests were even more appealing and child-friendly than the previous tests. They felt that the content and focus was suitable for the new curriculum and more accessible to pupils. Teachers commented that they felt the new tests were more challenging than the previous tests, but acknowledged that this is due to the demands of the new curriculum. In reading, for example, teachers felt that these tests incorporated more deduction and inference questions which pupils find more difficult, but accepted that this is due to a change in emphasis in the new curriculum. One teacher did note though that pupils will become more familiar with the expectations of the new curriculum.

Following extensive trialling, the tests were analysed to identify the best functioning items and they were shortened. The tests are now available for purchase.

Year 5 Mathematics

“The questions were well set out with good grids for working out – especially on the Arithmetic paper.”


Year 4 Mathematics

“Linked well to the coverage in the new national curriculum.”


Year 3 Mathematics

"Excellent layout and format."


General Reading

“The test was child-friendly and not too dissimilar to previous NFER and optional SAT papers. The children enjoyed the stories and responded positively about the test.”

Suite 1

Over 4,200 schools have used NFER Tests Suite 1 since February 2013. Below is an independent review of NFER Tests Suite 1.

Independent review of NFER Tests

NFER Tests: What schools think

An Independent Review