NFER Tests Suite 2 autumn, spring and summer

Optional tests for Years 3, 4 and 5 to help monitor pupil attainment and progress

What schools think

St Joseph's R.C Primary School, Darwen, Lancashire

We chose NFER, because the strong research base, and the standardisation aspects of the tests were what we were looking for.
Mrs Anne O'Brien, Headteacher

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Summerfield Primary School, Birmingham

The administration of the tests was impressive, and the guidance from NFER was really concise and covered everything. It was all there and easy to read.
Mrs Carol Green, Assistant Headteacher

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“We were delighted to hear about NFER’s new autumn tests. We have used NFER tests for a number of years as alternatives to the old ‘optional SATs’ in the summer term, and have found them to be reliable indicators of children’s attainment. The standardisation work carried out also assists our teacher assessments in order to measure progress accurately year on year. We now believe that with the inception of the autumn tests, that we will have increased ability to measure progress in year accurately – a Godsend in these times of uncertainty about age related expectations. As a group of 10 schools we have chosen to use the NFER reading assessments to provide a shared understanding of expectation across our network of schools and as a tool to help moderate attainment between the cluster of schools.”

Anne O’Brien. Headteacher of St. Joseph’s RC Primary. Darwen Lancs


Year 5 Mathematics

“The questions were well set out with good grids for working out – especially on the Arithmetic paper.”

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What elements make for an effective and reliable assessment?

Test developer Catherine Kirkup outlines the key criteria that primary schools should consider when selecting their approaches to pupil tests.

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