PISA-Based Test for Schools

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Relevance to main PISA

While PISA-Based Test for Schools is related to the international PISA main studies, it serves a different purpose. The international PISA assessment is intended to provide aggregated national results for international comparisons and to inform policy discussions, while PISA-Based Test for Schools is designed to provide school-level results for benchmarking and school-improvement purposes. (Neither of these PISA programmes publishes results or information about individual students, thereby protecting both the privacy of participating students and the validity of the responses obtained from them.) Because the two PISA assessments are linked (and administered using similar and well-established standards and procedures), your school’s results from PISA-Based Test for Schools are comparable to the scales used in the international PISA assessment, which covers students and schools from more than 70 countries and economies, and this means that valid comparisons can be made that will be useful for school self-assessment and improvement.


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