Self-Review Tool
For research engagement in schools and other education providers

A FREE online tool to help you review how research-engaged your school or college is, using eight key statements.

Self-review tool

Development of the Self-Review Tool

Why has NFER developed the Self-Review Tool?

Schools are key partners for us and we continually work to develop ways to help teachers and school leaders improve student learning, teaching and assessment. We use our evidence from research to provide accessible information, to help schools demonstrate improvement.

As a not-for-profit organisation and a registered charity, we plough all our income back into supporting our mission to improve the lives of learners, hence why this tool has been developed as a free resource.

Development Process

NFER has worked with a wide number of individuals to develop this tool and would like to thank all those involved for their input. This includes:

The development process started in September 2014 when NFER became aware of a gap in the market for a resource to help schools define research engagement, group it into simple statements and recognise that there are different stages. The concept was born.

This concept was tested internally with researchers and marketers and then taken externally to school leaders. The feedback was positive, so money was invested to develop the statements and the technology to create the tool. The statements are developed from a rich evidence-base of research-engagement in schools (credited within the tool.).

The tool was tested with research leads both from a distance and by observation in the classroom. Feedback was also sought from education professionals and partner organisations. Tweaks were made to make it user-friendly.

And finally, it was ready to launch in February 2015.

We hope you find it helpful, but we are always looking for improvements, so please let us know what you think about it by contacting or 01753 637007.


We really liked how clear and simple it was to use overall." Research Lead, Berkshire


Self-review tool