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Researching Multi-Academy Trusts: Beyond Pupil Performance
Evolve Alliance Journal, Spring 2018
Head of Impact Karen Wespieser gave her insight into ‘what really matters’ for Multi Academy Trusts, Academies and Schools when it comes to educational research. She assesses some of the other options for what Multi Academy Trusts have achieved and how they work in the best interests of supporting our pupils.
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Transformational CPD
Headteacher Update, March 2017
CPD, action research and family engagement have been key to transforming the fortunes of Tuxford Primary Academy. Dorothy Lepkowska explains more.
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Putting evidence to work
Education Today - BESA Corner, December 2016
In a regular feature highlighting the work of members of the UK education suppliers' trade body BESA, Education Today this month hears from Gareth Mills of NFER on being an 'Enquiring School'. 
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School-led research
Sec Ed, November 2016
SecEd is a supporter of NFER's national award scheme, the 'Research Mark'. Dorothy Lepkowska looks at how NFER can support schools at all stages of their journey towards the Research Mark. A case study report on Wycombe High school also details their journey, achievements and success in achieving their Research Mark accreditation. 
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A Research Mark journey
Headteacher Update, November 2016
Headteacher Update is a supporter of the NFER’s Research Mark accreditation. Here, Dorothy Lepkowska looks at how this initiative and other resources from the NFER can help schools on their research journey.
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Research and evidence
SecEd, February 2016
The number of schools embracing teacher-led action research is growing. Gareth Mills explores why there is increasing enthusiasm from teachers for an evidence-informed education system and looks at some examples from schools already adopting this approach.
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Research and Evidence
Headteacher Update, February 2016
The number of schools embracing teacher-led, action research is growing. Gareth Mills explores why there is a growing enthusiasm from teachers for an evidence-informed education system and looks at some examples from schools already adopting this approach.
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Classroom research
Headteacher Update, December 2015
Headteacher Update is a supporter of the NFER's Research Mark accreditation. Dorothy Lepkowska looks at how classroom research helped one school to bounce back from a poor Ofsted result.
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Impact of research
SecEd, December 2015
We hear from two schools about how research engagement is driving teachers' professional development and raising standards. Dorothy Lepkowska reports.
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The research journey
Headteacher Update, June 2015
Ed Cuffe-Adams speaks to two schools at different stages on their research journey, demonstrating how research is, or can become an established part of life in primary schools.
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Developing in-school research
SecEd, May 2015
In light of research-based practice becoming a growing phenomenon in schools, Dorothy Lepkowska asks three schools how they using a new free tool to review and develop their in-school research programme.
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Research, Review and repeat...
Headteacher Update, March 2015
Knowing where to start when creating a research-engaged school is difficult. Getting an understanding of what's involved and recognising where you are on the journey is crucial. Caroline Fisher advises.
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What is your research goal?
Headteacher Update, November 2014
When it comes to deciding what research evidence to use in the classroom, what really matters is the goal of the research, not who produces it, argues Dr Julie Nelson.
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Research engagement
SecEd, September 2014
How can schools engage with research successfully, and what makes for an evidence-informed school? Tami McCrone and Matt Inniss advise.
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Making their mark
Headteacher Update, May 2014
The badge of ‘research-engaged school’ is appealing recognition for a school’s achievements in research, but what does it mean in practice? Caroline Fisher looks one school’s evidence for the NFER Research Mark.
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    Students who take on in-school research 
SecEd, May 2014
Caroline Fisher reports on the measures some schools are taking to transform the role that students play in informing improvements.
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SEN and action research
Headteacher Update, January 2014
It takes a special kind of insight to meet some pupils' unique and complex needs. Sarah Fleming reports on one school that has boosted their expertise through action research.
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    Five principles of teacher enquiry 
SecEd, January 2014
The best and most effective schools are those that encourage their teachers to learn alongside their pupils using enquiry-based approaches. Gareth Mills offers five ideas to help you embrace this approach.
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    Improving reflective learning 
SecEd, November 2013
When music teacher Phil Kennedy wanted to encourage his pupils to engage more deeply in reflective learning and critical thinking, he devised an in-class research project. Sarah Fleming explains more.
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For the love of learning
November 2013
Two schools have taken some creative approaches to helping their pupils become more independent, reslient and reflective. Alison Willmott reports.
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Engage, enquire, improve
eye, October 2013
Caroline Sharp explains why the early years sector is tailor-made for practitioner-led enquiry and details how this can now be rewarded and celebrated through NFER’s new national Research Mark.
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Putting teacher-led research to work (Headteacher Update)
Headteacher Update, September 2013
Graham Handscomb argues the case for practitioner-led enquiry, reflection and research at the heart of successful schools.
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Diagnosis, treatment and progression 
Headteacher Update, September 2013
Evidence is everywhere, but what are teachers to think? Inspired by medical practice, Ben Durbin gives three steps for its effective use.
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    Make research make a difference 
SEcEd, September 2013
Practitioner-led enquiry is increasingly being seen as crucial to becoming a successful school. SecEd is supporting the new NFER Research Mark that aims to help schools promote teacher research. Graham Handscomb explains.
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    Information overload? 
SecEd, September 2013
Evidence, evidence everywhere – but what are teachers to think? Ben Durbin says the profession can be enhanced, rather than defined, by the use of evidence in practice.
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    Creative Thinking
Headteacher Update, September 2012
Gareth Mills looks at how engaging teachers in research to inform best practice can unleash untapped creativity and bring about sustainable improvement in schools.
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    Creative Thinking
SecEd, September 2012
Engaging teachers in research to inform best practice can unleash untapped creativity and sustainable improvement, says Gareth Mills.
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    Data for self-evaluation
April 2012
Claire Easton looks at the importance of gathering evidence to help self-evaluation and school improvement and offers best practice guidance.
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