How to Guides

These ‘How to’ Guides are a quick and easy way to digest different aspects of research in education. From definitions through to potential pitfalls, and written by NFER researchers, they ensure your research is based on professional guidance. Ideal for senior leaders, teachers and other school staff who are interested in carrying out research, with a view to improving practice.

To support schools in engaging with and running research, we have made our popular ‘How to’ Guides available to download free of charge.


How to...
Plan your research

Meet your objectives.

How to...
Run action research

Do it yourself.

How to...
Run qualitative and quantitative research

From definitions through to analysis.

How to...
Use focus groups

Get the most from them.

How to...
Write up your research

Some tips to get you started.

How to...
Develop a questionnaire survey

Ask the right questions.

How to...
Run randomised controlled trials (RCTs)

An introduction.

'How to' guides collection 

The first five guides in one.