School surveys

School questionnaires gather feedback from parents, pupils and staff.

About the school surveys

With this new survey and reporting software, you have more flexibility to choose any combination* of surveys (General, Themed and/or Write Your Own) for parents and pupils. You can also run a General Survey for staff. Run the surveys together or at different times.

What do I get from General Surveys?

Available for parents, pupils or staff:

What do I get from Themed Surveys?

Available for parents or pupils:

  • Shorter surveys designed around a theme
  • Choice of three themes for parents: behaviour, communication and teaching
  • Choice of three themes for pupils: behaviour, learning and the curriculum, safety and bullying
  • Parent themes include open response questions to gather qualitative feedback
  • Comprehensive reports with charts and tables

What do I get from Write Your Own Surveys?

Available for parents or pupils:


*All surveys can be used in any combination or independently apart from the Write your own paper survey for parents, which can only be run in combination with a general paper parent survey.


How it works

  1. Order online
  2. We send you (within 3-5 working days):
         - login details for online surveys
         - paper surveys for parents (if ordered)
  3. You run your surveys
  4. You send us your ‘Survey Finished Form’ once surveys are completed
  5. We send you (within 10 working days) an online link to the School Portal to view and download your summary and reports

Please note: for those ordering Write Your Own surveys, your whole order will only be processed once the questions for the Write Your Own survey have been written.