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Parent surveys: Communication

Demonstrating to Ofsted effective communication with parents is important for all schools. To help with this, NFER can share some general analysis of the feedback parents have given in recent survey responses.

For example when parents were asked if they felt they were well informed about their child’s progress, 88% said they either strongly agree or agree.

The survey also asks for open feedback on how parents feel that communication from the school could be improved.

When asked what communications worked well, these were the popular choices with parents:

Certain types of communication worked well for particular types of information, for example, parents said they liked text messages for reminders and change of plans, and preferred newsletters for news, events and policy reminders.

Parents were asked what they felt the school could do to improve communication, and whilst the below may seem obvious, all of the following suggestions have been made by parents within the past year.

Additional tips for better communication with parents

Whichever methods of communication your school chooses to use, parents highlighted the importance of being able to find and access the required information, with some parents admitting they were not sure how to use social media channels effectively or even how to navigate the school website.

Parents commented on the importance of proofreading newsletters (believe it or not, mistakes can happen). Some parents wanted reminders on school policies to be included in newsletters, and others suggested sending newsletters out regularly so they know when to expect them.

If you want results that are specific to your school then NFER Parent Surveys can help you gather feedback to inform your improvement planning. The NFER Communication Survey is one of the themed surveys that can be used in conjunction with the General Parent Survey. Click here to find out more.

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