School surveys

School questionnaires gather feedback from parents, pupils and staff.

Parent surveys

For parents, you can choose either a paper-based survey or an online survey. You can choose any combination of General, Themed (choice of three) and/or online Write Your Own. A paper Write Your Own survey can be run in combination with the General paper survey. The surveys are suitable for parents of children of any age.

How to get a good response | terms and conditions | Details on how to run parent surveys.

General Parent Survey

This will give a general and broad picture of feedback from your parents which is ideal for annual feedback and preparing for an inspection. The report includes a Parent View preparation summary. Combine the General survey with the Themed surveys to get a fuller picture.

Questions cover:

  • Satisfaction with the school curriculum, teaching, behaviour and communication with parents
  • Perceived effectiveness of the school’s approaches on key issues such as anti-bullying, homework and SEN
  • Perceptions of how well the school encourages children to work hard at school, be healthy and treat others with respect
  • Perceptions on progression, standard of teaching, happiness of child and support when joining the school
  • Satisfaction with how the school creates a safe environment and provides a healthy dinner menu
  • Perceived effectiveness of school leaders
  • Overall satisfaction with the school and whether they would recommend it
  • Open responses to what is good and what could be improved in the school

Themed Parent Surveys

These are shorter surveys and are ideal for delving deeper into a theme. For example, a themed survey on communication will help identify exactly what issues there are, if any. Each theme includes open questions to gather feedback on what is good and what could be improved. Choose all or any of the following themes for parents:

  • Behaviour
  • Communication
  • Teaching

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Write Your Own Parent Surveys

Ask questions of your parents that are specific to your school, as a professional and independent alternative to other online survey software. For example, find out what parents think about the school’s open evening arrangements. Write up to 12 questions, including one open response question. The report includes tables and charts for your questions.

Also included is a free online guide: How to... Develop a questionnaire survey, to help you write suitable questions (worth £6 +VAT).

Please note that questions are not provided for this service – you will have freedom to write your own questions. NFER takes no responsibility for these questions, as they have not been written by NFER.