School surveys

School questionnaires gather feedback from parents, pupils and staff.

Staff surveys

Staff surveys are web-based so can be accessed from any school computer or mobile device. The General staff Survey will give a broad picture from your staff which is ideal for running annually and in preparation for an inspection. The report includes a Staff Engagement Measure.

Please note: there are no Themed Surveys or Write Your Own Surveys for staff.

Terms and conditions | Details on how to run staff surveys 

What do I get from General surveys?

Questions cover:

  • You and your school – job satisfaction, school community, contribution to school’s goals
  • School leadership and management – supported, informed and valued
  • You and your colleagues – staff welfare, collaboration, support from colleagues
  • Your professional development – targets, performance management and review
  • Resources – school facilities
  • Meeting pupils’ needs – curriculum, assessment, SEN support
  • School policies
  • The school community – local community and relationship with parents
  • Open question on school improvement

This survey is anonymous and staff will not be asked to provide names. There will be no linkage via identifiers between the survey responses and the individual member of staff.