School surveys

School questionnaires gather feedback from parents, pupils and staff.

Staff Engagement

The reports from the NFER General School Surveys for staff contain a staff engagement measure developed by NFER.  The measure of staff engagement looks at involvement, commitment and enthusiasm from staff. There are 16 questions in the education arena that sit together to create an overall engagement measure of either “engaged”, “neither engaged or disengaged” or “disengaged”. Some of these relate to staff job satisfaction, whether they feel part of the school community, and how they feel they can contribute to the school’s goals.

The staff surveys include your school’s staff engagement measure compared to the results from all the other schools who have taken part in these surveys (weighted to be nationally representative). Your report includes a chart showing ‘your school’ against ‘all schools’.

From measurement to action

Staff engagement has been shown to have a positive impact on the success of an organisation. Engaged teachers will inspire pupils to engage with learning and potentially lead to higher attainment. You can use your staff engagement results as part of a three-step improvement process:

  1. Establish your current situation. What do your survey results tell you about what is going well and where there is room for improvement?
  2. Plan and implement a response.
  3. Evaluate progress. Track your engagement measure over time to see improvement.

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