School surveys

School questionnaires gather feedback from parents, pupils and staff.

Survey reports

Your web-based report will combine your General report and your Themed reports together. It includes key findings, charts and tables as well as filter options and export functions.

Download report samples as PDF file

You will be sent guidance and login details for your reports via NFER’s secure online School Portal.

The format of your report will depend on which surveys you have ordered (General,Themed and/or Write Your Own). The report for the Write Your Own surveys will be in a PDF format which includes charts and tables for each of your questions. The report for your open question responses will be in PDF format listing the comments verbatim.

Your reports include:


Key findings
The key findings show clearly your topline results and are ideal for sharing with your stakeholders by exporting into a PowerPoint report.
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Your school versus national overview chart
Use this chart to see where your school is performing significantly better than all schools (to highlight strengths) or worse than all schools (for development areas).
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Stacked bar chart of all responses
The stacked bar chart shows all your results together, making it easier to compare responses between questions.
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Interactive charts
Use the software to analyse your results further. For example, in pupil surveys, break your results down by gender and year group for each question.
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Parent view preparation summary (parent surveys)
Use this summary to compare your results with all schools for the Parent View style questions, to ensure you are prepared before an inspection.
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Wellbeing and engagement measures (pupil and staff surveys)
Pupil reports include the school wellbeing measure and the emotional wellbeing measure, and staff reports include the staff engagement measure.
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Export your report
Export your charts into a PowerPoint report for easy sharing with others. Alternatively, export your tables into Excel to allow further analysis of data.
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Open response report
A separate report shows all the responses to the open questions verbatim to help gather qualitative responses.
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