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Literacy Octopus!
Activities and support to improve Key Stage 2 literacy

Project code: EEFA

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Through an RCT design, schools will be allocated to receive information or support from one of these organisations, or to a control group where they continue ‘business as usual’. Each organisation has developed interventions with varying levels of support, from light touch sharing of materials, to more active support through CPD sessions and online help. The activities will include the following:

The Institute for Effective Education at York University will:

  1. distribute to schools print and electronic materials that explain research findings and identify effective interventions
  2. hold an evidence fair that gives schools an opportunity to discover more about interventions that can help primary school pupils with their literacy

Campaign for Learning, in partnership with Train Visual will:

  1. give schools free access to the Teaching How2s website
  2. provide additional and ongoing support on how to use the Teaching How2s resources as part of their school improvement and teacher training plans

The Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring, part of Durham University, will:

  1. distribute a booklet on research-based strategies for teaching literacy in Key Stage 2, tips for teachers cards and posters
  2. distribute the materials and follow this up with light touch CPD sessions
  3. distribute the materials and follow this up with CPD sessions, observation, and pupil diagnostics

NatCen and ResearchEd will:

  1. invite primary school teachers to attend a conference exploring relevant research about literacy education
  2. alongside the conference, invite teachers to an online community offering support and activities before and after the conference to help them use research findings in their own schools

Control group:

  1. business as usual.