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Literacy Octopus!
Activities and support to improve Key Stage 2 literacy

Project code: EEFA

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Key Dates

Thank you for taking part in the Literacy Octopus trial. Your school’s involvement will be from Autumn 2014 to Summer 2016.


  • Autumn term 2014: Initial survey completed by teachers. Your school nominated a lead contact for the study. Reply slips returned to NFER allowing access to your school’s Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 data
  • Spring term 2015: Literacy activities for teachers began for schools allocated to intervention groups
  • Summer term 2015: Telephone interviews with a small sample of school staff to find out about engagement with the activities and materials so far
  • Summer 2015 – Spring 2016: Schools continue to receive materials and/or support
  • Spring term 2016: Follow-up staff survey (for Key Stage 2 literacy coordinators, Key Stage 2 teachers, headteachers and other senior leaders).Participating teachers will receive a £5 Amazon voucher. Control group schools will be sent a £30 book token for their school
  • Summer 2016: Case studies with a small number of schools
  • Autumn 2016: Analysis and feedback to schools
  • Spring 2017: Main report publication
  • Spring 2018: Further analysis and follow-up report


In addition, NFER will also access the National Pupil Dataset to explore pupil attainment outcomes in December 2015, 2016 and 2017. At each time-point, we will access your school’s current Key Stage 2 data, and the relevant Key Stage 1 data as a baseline. Thank you for giving us permission to access this data. You do not need to do anything further towards this.