What Teachers in Training are Taught About Reading

Lesley Kendall, Greg Brooks, Tom Gorman, Alison Tate

01 January 1992

What are teachers in training taught about reading? In April 1991, the Department of Education and Science asked the Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education to find out, and CATE in turn commissioned the Centre for Research in Language and Communication at the National Foundation for Educational Research to do the associated research, in collaboration with institutions providing Initial Teacher Training.

During the seven-month project, the NFER research team produced five working papers.

This volume contains the working papers substantially as presented to CATE. They contain detailed information on (among other topics):

  • previous research on the preparation of teachers to teach reading
  • the qualifications of the lecturers who teach the reading elements of ITT courses
  • approaches to the teaching and assessment of reading covered in such courses
  • the amount of attention given in such courses to language and teaching
  • students' school experience and teaching practice
  • students' knowledge about language
  • recommended reading lists
  • recently qualified teachers' views on their courses, and their confidence in what they were taught.

The report will be of interest to all teacher educators, and more widely to everyone concerned with ensuring high levels of literacy in this country.

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