Arts, creative and cultural education

NFER has a specialism in identifying the impact of arts, creative and cultural education on children and young people.

Our work in the area includes research into arts in schools, professional development for teachers in the arts and partnerships between education and professional artists/cultural organisations. Find out more...

Some of our studies have focused on specific art-forms, whereas others consider broader issues within creative and cultural education.

We have carried out a number of evaluations for Creative Partnerships, including a national evaluation, several studies of longer-term impact and research into the impact of the programme on the teaching workforce. Our studies of longer-term impact have provided evidence of associations between taking part in the initiative and improved progress in attainment in national tests.

To find out more about our work in this area please contact Caroline Sharp

Evaluating Creative
Partnerships (presentation)

Evaluation of the nature and impact
of the Creative Partnerships programme
on the teaching workforce

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