Capacity building and training

NFER has considerable expertise in a wide range of research, evaluation, statistical and assessmentmethods. We are experienced in using this to support clients to carry out their own research and evaluation, be it to measure the impact of their work, find out how happy their customers are with their products or services, or to investigate how to improve what they do. We are skilled in enabling others to use research and in providing accessible, tailored, materials and guidance, or bespoke training. We have previously provided capacity building or training support to teachers, local authorities, charitable trusts and international researchers.

We can also help by reviewing clients’ existing research or evaluation processes and materials and designing or co-designing new ones.

Examples of our work in this area include:

Please contact Fiona Walker or Helen Aston if you would like to discuss how NFER could help you to build your organisation’s capacity and develop your own research and evaluation programmes. If you are interested in consultancy on assessment, please contact Liz Twist.

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