An unparalleled level of statistical support

NFER’s statisticians are highly qualified and experienced in a wide variety of analytical techniques. We are skilled in both the design and implementation of complex statistical methodologies, and experienced in the interpretation and dissemination of statistical output: we can tell you what it means.

Our expertise includes:

  • descriptive analysis;
  • multivariate analysis, including multi-level modelling and factor analysis;
  • psychometrics, including IRT and equating; and
  • sample design, including the use of RCT methodologies.

NFER’s statisticians are experienced in working closely with clients with a variety of requirements, including value for money analyses; devising tools to assist in the collation of data; secondary analysis of existing data; and advising on data collection methods to obtain the most meaningful data to answer your research question.

If you would like to discuss how we can meet your statistical needs, please contact Simon Rutt.

Some recent work in statistics

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