Analysis and information strategy to support the Community Budget

NFER worked in partnership with Research in Practice and Croydon Local Authority to develop a data strategy for their new Family Resilience Service.  Our resulting specification informed plans for the development of the service itself and how its success and value for money might best be assessed.

The Family Resilience Service is designed to support families with complex needs who are on the edge of care, and is the chosen vehicle for delivering Croydon’s Community Budget.  Key to its success is an effective strategy for gathering, sharing and utilising data.  NFER provided recommendations covering data to: support practitioners in assessing and supporting families; support the day-to-day monitoring and management of the service; and inform evaluation of the impact and value for money of the service.  As well as informing our recommendations, focus groups, telephone interviews and discussions with Croydon staff helped them to develop their own thinking on how the service might operate to best effect.

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