Data lead for C4EO

NFER is the data lead within the C4EO partnership and is responsible for the content of C4EO’sinteractive data tool. 

The C4EO site is used by local authority staff that need to access data that reliably compares the performance of their local authority with that of their statistical neighbours and the performance nationally. The data tool provides access to a number of datasets at a national, regional and local level, including, all previously available National Indicators, data from aggregations of the National Pupil Database, and data from additional sources including the Family Resource Survey, Indices of Multiple Deprivation, the Local Index of Child Well-Being and ONS population estimates. Whilst the vast majority of data available on the site is publicly available the C4EO data tool brings this data together so that users can access a variety of data through one site.  The tool has been developed to allow the user a number of formats in which to obtain and display data and has been organised around the main C4EO themes. 

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