Presenting data

At NFER, we understand that complexity comes for free; it is simplicity you have to work hard for. Our expert team of statisticians present reliable and accurate information in an accessible format that highlights key messages. This enables our clients to easily use data and research evidence to make informed decisions and shape policy.

Throughout any analysis, we keep the audience in focus. Over the past sixty years, we have kept pace with the latest statistical techniques, and developed a wide range of presentational techniques. These techniques vary widely depending on the requirements of the client and context of the research. Our findings are presented in a range of formats, including formal reports, presentations, and multimedia such as YouTube. These include annotated tables, figures, charts and geographical maps wherever appropriate, and technical details are often provided in a separate section to ensure we communicate our methods fully without distracting the reader from key messages.

We regularly keep research participants informed about our research via customised feedback templates. These are presented visually and in an easy to interpret format, including benchmarking against national samples. Presenting analysis in new ways such as through YouTube can be effective at reaching different audiences and increasing the impact of our research. Recently, the team has also developed a range of interactive data visualisation techniques. These enable substantial volumes of information to be made available, with an interface enabling users to create personalised suites of data, charts and maps.

Please contact Palak Mehta if you would like to discuss how NFER could help you with presenting data.

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