Working with Language: A guide for vocational trainers with bilingual trainees

Tom Gorman, Alison Tate

01 January 1993

The provision of high quality occupational training for bilingual adults in Britain is one of the key issues in vocational training. Working with Language is intended as a practical self-help handbook for vocational trainers in colleges, or training institutions who want to extend their training techniques in order to make their courses more accessible to bilingual learners. Bilingual skills tutors and language tutors will also find it of interest.

The guide offers:

  • a review of the issues involved in providing effective vocational training particularly for bilingual trainees
  • activities to enable users to relate these issues to their own training
  • advice and examples of effective practice.

It can be used as:

  • a handbook for individual tutors or trainers who are interested in reviewing their own training procedures
  • a resource which can form the basis for planned staff development sessions for vocational tutors or course teams.

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