English Baccalaureate: still much to do..
Lucy Ellis looks at the latest GSCE results to assess what progress has been made towards achieving the Government’s previously stated aim that 90% of pupils should be entered for the EBacc.
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Key Data on Music education hubs
This report for Arts Council England provides analysis of secondary data collected by the Music Education Hubs Survey designed and administered by Arts Council England in October 2015.
Research Report

Putting staff engagement at the heart of school leadership
Guest blogger David Weston, Chief Executive of the Teacher Development Trust, discusses how school leaders can keep staff engaged.
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Is evidence good for absolutely nothing?
Ben Durbin reflects on the importance of evidence in education from the What Works Global Summit 2016.
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NFER analysis of teacher retention
Keeping teachers engaged is key to teacher retention according to new research.
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Developing spelling tests: what’s so hard about that?
Building a useful and appropriate spelling test requires assessment expertise and experience.
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NFER welcomes Ofqual confirmation of first National Reference Test in 2017
The first test will be taken by 18,000 students in February and March 2017.
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| About the National Reference Test | Information for schools

Teacher Voice Omnibus Results November 2015
The DfE submitted questions to Teacher Voice on a range of key policy areas including statutory assessment, careers and apprenticeships and alternative provision.
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| Teacher Voice

Roundtable discussion on new executive headteachers research
Experts from across the education sector met to explore the findings of new research on the role of executive headteachers.
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Executive headteachers: what's in a name?
Research finds number of executive headteachers rapidly increasing even though their remit and responsibilities are largely undefined.
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What are we to make of the latest school workforce statistics?
Jack Worth discusses the implications of this latest set of statistics.
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Analysis of academy school performance in 2015
No significant improvements in pupil attainment associated with academy status for primary schools, latest research shows.
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Despite the headlines, Reception Baseline Assessment continues to get DfE funding in 2016
Catherine Kirkup on the value to schools of NFER Reception Baseline Assessment.
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Building bridges between teachers and researchers
Matt Walker on using research to improve teaching and learning of STEM subjects.
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NFER's international voice in education
Julie Nelson joined international experts to participate in a two-day meeting in Washington DC, focusing on the use of research evidence in public services.
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The future of technical and professional education: joining up the dots
Tami McCrone on the challenges identified at a recent LSRN workshop.
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The power of collaboration
What schools can achieve through effective school to school partnership working.
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NFER Impact Review 2015
Our Impact Review of 2015 demonstrates our continued progress in identifying our impact on practice and policy, with evidence of how our activities support and inform an increasingly wide group of practitioners and policymakers.
NFER Impact Review 2015

Stronger by working together
Robert Smith on what makes for effective collaboration between schools in Wales
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NEET prevention - Keeping students engaged at Key Stage 4
New research indicates how to prevent teenagers disengaging from school.
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NFER response to DfE statement on reception baseline assessment
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Education White Paper – the devil will be in the detail
Blog post by Karen Wespieser.
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Headteachers' perspectives on the In Harmony programme
Part of the national evaluation undertaken for Arts Council England.
Research report

The known unknowns of teacher supply
Karen Wespieser on what we don't know about teacher supply, and NFER's new research.
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Evaluation of Tranche 2 of the Lead and Emerging Practitioner School Pathfinder Project
Study for the Welsh Government.
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Weaving a little magic
Gareth Mills on the value of teacher reflection for CPD success
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Can schools in the most deprived areas hang on to their teachers?
Susie Bamford unpacks the evidence.
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Should I Stay or Should I Go?
New analysis sheds light on teacher recruitment and retention.
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Striving for ‘knowledge animation’ – can we bring evidence-informed practice to life?
Julie Nelson calls for papers on evidence-informed practice for 'Educational Research' special issue.
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Response to ATL/NUT survey
The introduction of Baseline Assessment.
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Characteristics of successful science education
Secondary analysis of data from TIMSS 2011.
Research report

The longer term impact of PRIME on participating students
Follow-up study examines destinations and career choices.
Research report

The online activities of London’s young people: evidence-based tips to develop e-safety
On Safer Internet Day 2016, Karen Wespieser discusses research commissioned for the London Grid for Learning.
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EBacc teacher recruitment and retention: challenging times ahead?
Susie Bamford discusses recent research.
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Could it be that disengagement leads to poor skills?
Tami McCrone addresses the issues behing disengagement at age 16-19.
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NFER collaborates with NGA and FLT to investigate the role of the executive headteacher
Findings will inform policy and practice, including implications for governing bodies appointing to the role.
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Is baseline really so bad?
Catherine Kirkup argues the case for reception baseline assessment.
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Parents are in the dark about careers
Tami McCrone on the importance of keeping parents well informed about their children’s careers education and guidance.
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NFER Enquiring Schools programme
Brooklands Farm, a large primary school, runs Enquiring Schools Programme to help with teaching and learning.
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Don’t forget the ‘parent’ in transparent
As the Education Select Committee publish their report on Regional Schools Commissioners, Karen Wespieser emphasises the importance of transparency.
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Research in schools: experience and tips from the frontline
In our latest blog post, Caroline Fisher discusses the experiences of schools that have engaged with research and in enquiry.
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Intervening in failing, underperforming and coasting schools
Response to Government consultation
Response to consultation | Blog post

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