Skills Imperative 2035 WP4 1
13 June 2024

Report suggests up to seven million workers may lack Essential Employment Skills to do their jobs by 2035

The fourth working paper of the Skills Imperative 2035 project suggests that up to seven million workers in England may lack the Essential Employment Skills they need to do their jobs by the year 2035. 
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Cost Of Living Ongoing Impact
05 June 2024

Nearly one-third of primary school teachers report more pupils showing up to class hungry

A new report highlights how the increased cost of living is contributing to pressures on schools, pupils and school staff.
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Teacher Voice General Election 1
03 June 2024

NFER teacher survey suggests school funding is top election issue

NFER recently made use of its Teacher Voice Omnibus Survey to poll 1,282 school teachers and senior leaders about their top issues ahead of the general election.
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100 000 Apprentices Comment 1
29 May 2024

NFER comments on the Conservative Party’s pledge of 100,000 more apprenticeships

NFER Research Director Suzanne Straw has given her reaction to the Conservative Party's pledge to create 100,000 more apprenticeships.
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Ed Select Comm Statement 1
17 May 2024

New Education Select Committee report is welcomed

NFER School Workforce Lead Jack Worth has welcomed the Education Select Committee’s report on teacher recruitment, training and retention.
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