The MAT Factor 1
18 April 2024

MAT SEND leaders play pivotal role in addressing the growing list of SEND challenges

A new NFER study, featuring case study interviews with staff from 19 multi-academy trusts in England, highlights the work being undertaken to support SEND pupils.
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Falling School Rolls 1
11 April 2024

NFER statement on EPI's effect of falling school rolls report

NFER Research Director, Jenna Julius, has given her reaction to the Education Policy Institute's effect of falling school rolls report
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TLM 2024 2
20 March 2024

Teacher recruitment and retention crisis shows no signs of abating, new report reveals

NFER's latest review of the Teacher Labour Market In England reveals continued issues with teacher workload, recruitment and retention.
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TLM 2024 1
06 February 2024

New research to provide insights on teacher supply crisis

New NFER research on the teacher workforce in England, funded by the Nuffield Foundation, will analyse the progress being made towards meeting the teacher supply challenge.
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Ethnic Diversity In The Teaching Workforce 1
31 January 2024

Removing barriers faced by teachers of colour essential for career progression

A new evidence review, conducted by NFER and funded by Mission 44,  a charitable foundation launched by Sir Lewis Hamilton, has found that teachers of colour face barriers to the profession from entry to senior leadership level.
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