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NFER develops assessments to the highest technical and educational standards for test publishers and government bodies. During 2012/13, we continued developing and trialling national curriculum assessments with the Standards and Testing Agency in England and, in Wales, our work continued supporting education reform as the developers and suppliers of the new national reading and numeracy tests.

The Foundation’s influence with schools and children continued to grow; last year over 2.5 million school children took tests developed by us and over 50 per cent of schools in England took part in research conducted by us.

NFER’s assessment expertise rests on a solid foundation of research ranging from piloting and evaluation of new assessment models to research into effective test development, marking, administration, analysis and reporting methodologies.

We also use our know-how and research to develop our own NFER portfolio of English, Maths, Grammar and Punctuation & Science assessment products for schools.

Changes to the UK National Curriculum in 2014 strengthens the importance of NFER’s experience and expertise in:

Our comprehensive in-house development processes and our expert team of researchers, statisticians and pre-test specialists ensure our assessments are reliable, fair and informative.

NFER’s research operations and statistics teams are equally highly skilled in developing and managing large scale and complex research and assessment projects across the education sector.

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