What We Offer, Pricing and Process

What do we give you?

  • expert advice on question wording and content
  • online survey set up and administration
  • achieved response from at least 1,000 teachers* (500 primary and 500 secondary teachers from a nationally representative sample of schools in England)
  • tabulated results showing frequency by phase and seniority
  • supplementary information about the sample composition and key demographics compared to the general population
  • an anonymised data set showing the data against different variables.

How much does it cost?

The cost of participating in the Teacher Voice Omnibus Survey is calculated on a per question basis as follows.

  • closed single-response question - £1,380 (+VAT)
  • closed multiple-response question - £2,000 (+VAT)
  • open response question - £2,050 (+VAT)

Bespoke surveys

Using our Teacher Voice panel. This might be an option where the timing of our main omnibus survey does not fit your needs and/or you want to run 20 to 30 questions. We can help to formulate the best approach to meet your research needs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and obtain a bespoke costing.

* The achieved sample size may vary from 900 to more than 1000 in some surveys.

The survey process

You can submit questions or ideas for questions to NFER by the specified date for a particular survey. At this stage NFER will draw on the expertise of the Foundation to engage in developing the initial question idea to a final question. We agree final wording with participating organisations before starting to set up the online survey itself.

The surveys are set up in our professional online survey system, Questback. The teacher panel will be sent links to the survey and asked to complete the survey online. They will be able to complete the survey on computer or mobile device (e.g. smart phones/tablets, etc.). Any open-ended questions will be coded during the survey live period by experienced coders.

At the end of the survey period, data will be extracted, cleaned and then analysed to produce results. The results will include a table for each question, including cross tabulations by seniority (and any additional requested cross tabulations) and breakdowns by primary and secondary and seniority. We will also provide description of the sample and a dataset.

We can also provide a written report, at an additional cost if required.