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Sign up today to add your voice to current debates on educational issues, contribute to key research and let policy makers know about the realities of life in the classroom.

NFER developed our Teacher Voice Omnibus Survey over ten years ago to enable us to address topical issues in education as and when they arise. The survey is run across publicly-funded primary and secondary schools in England to gather representative views on a wide range of different topics; from curriculum initiatives through to the realities of recovering from Covid.

As well as informing NFER’s own research, Teacher Voice surveys have been carried out for organisations including the Department for Education, Sutton Trust, Book Trust and Early Intervention Foundation. The survey findings have provided evidence to inform Government policy, evaluate programmes and initiatives, support academic research into best practice and much more. As well as research publications, Teacher Voice is also referenced in national media around a variety of issues in education. In short, our panel members’ views really do matter.

What’s involved?

You will typically receive an email with a request to take part in an online survey three times a year, in the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms.

To make this as easy as possible, you can complete the survey on a computer, tablet or smart phone. Questions are designed by our expert team to be unbiased and non-leading, ensuring that findings are robust and objective.

As well as the opportunity to share your views, you will be given the choice of a £5 voucher for yourself or donating £5 to one of our selected charities for each survey you complete. Since it began, members of the Teacher Voice panel have raised over £100,000 for causes including Cancer Research and the NSPCC.

We will share written outcomes of the surveys, such as reports and blogs, with the survey panel whenever this is possible.

Who can participate?

The survey is open to all teachers from Early Career Teachers through to Head Teachers currently working in publicly-funded primary and secondary schools across England (including academies).

How will NFER protect my data?

To understand more about how we comply with data protection requirements, please read our privacy statement for panel members [PDF].