Product development

NFER’s research know-how and expertise has informed the design and development of a range of products and services for schools. We only develop new products where we believe our research expertise and insights can contribute to the improvement of outcomes for children and young people and any surplus made from the sale of products and services is channelled back into the Foundation and into delivering our charitable mission.

Our work

Our product range is informed by an extensive review of school needs and through consultation with our School Leaders' Panel and our trustees. Our focus is on ensuring that any products we develop offer value for money and support to those delivering and managing education – which is why we also carry out extensive trialling of any new products with schools to ensure that they are robust before making them available to the whole school market.

Our most recent product developments include the latest suite of our NFER Tests for Primary Schools. This series of termly assessments has been standardised with over 60,000 children to deliver the most accurate and rigorous tests available to schools.

Where we can, we try to make our materials available free of charge – like our Self-Review Tool and ‘How to…’ Guides which have been developed to support schools interested in becoming more engaged in using research to support their own school activity.

Find out more about our current products and services here.