Surveys can provide invaluable information on the views, attitudes and practices of large numbers of people, such as children and young people, teachers, lecturers and support staff, senior leaders, parents, employers and other key stakeholders.

NFER provides an end-to-end survey service, from instrument design through to helping our clients interpret what the data means for them. We use surveys for a range of reasons, including to find out:

  • how people’s views have changed over time, such as before and after they’ve taken part in an initiative or within longitudinal studies
  • how different groups of people’s views vary and whether those differences are statistically significant
  • what the wider pupil or teacher population thinks (by using a nationally representative sample)
  • whether and how a policy or intervention has been implemented.

We offer a range of different survey modes, providing maximum flexibility:

  • online surveys, which work on different browsers and hardware (smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers)
  • Computer-Aided Telephone Interviewing (CATI)
  • traditional paper surveys.

We can provide advice on which type of survey will work best for a client’s interests, target group, timescale and budget.

We have an excellent track record in successfully administering large-scale, highly influential national and international education surveys. For example, each year we work with around half of all schools in England and are expert in maximising response rates through our excellent personal relationships with schools, colleges and key education stakeholders; through our bespoke survey software; and through our emphasis on minimising the burden of participation.

Our survey work is as technically precise as possible. Our researchers and statisticians work together and draw on in-depth topic knowledge to design concise, valid, robust survey instruments and utilising bespoke sample designs and statistical analyses to address clients’ questions. We ensure that our survey projects fully comply with ethical best practice and data protection legislation.

If you are interested in commissioning us to work with you, please contact our Bid Team.

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