The use of robust assessment is an important part of effective teaching. It can improve children’s learning and inform system-wide improvement.

We have been helping teachers and policy makers to benefit from robust assessments for over 70 years. Our approach includes research into what works in assessment; developing robust assessments underpinned by the highest measurement and psychometric standards; analysing assessment outcomes; and sharing insights with teachers, schools and governments.

We take an integrated approach to promoting the effective use of assessment. Our expert, multi-disciplinary team includes teachers, researchers, psychometricians, and assessment and information specialists. We have a deep knowledge of children’s development, curricula and the needs of teachers and parents. We are expert in developing assessments that comply with scientific principles and result in reliable, valid and meaningful measurement.

Working in the UK and internationally, we are respected globally as a leader in the development of tests and assessments. All our assessment research and development work takes place within a secure environment, ensuring that personal and sensitive data is fully protected, and assessments are kept confidential.

NFER has a long and successful history of contributing to the development and delivery of international large scale assessments (ILSAs) and benchmarking studies, including:

  • PISA – the Programme for International Student Assessment
  • TIMSS – the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study
  • PIRLS – the Progress in International Reading Literacy Study

The depth and international breadth of our assessment expertise also enables us to evaluate assessment systems against their intended objectives and advise on implementation and regulation of assessments.