NFER School Leader Panel

Recruitment for the current School Leader Panel is now closed. You are welcome to register your details for consideration when recruitment for next year’s panel reopens in the Autumn.

Since 2012, a panel of school leaders from England and Wales has been helping us with our mission to support real, positive change to the education system. Providing invaluable inputs and acting as ‘critical friends’ of our work, the NFER School Leader Panel plays an important role in ensuring we root our activity in the issues of most importance to schools.

In the past the school leader panel has been involved in:

  • the development of new products
  • advice on marketing campaigns
  • support on publications aimed at head teachers
  • trialling of research instruments / new products and services
  • web site development

In consideration of the busy schedules of school leaders, we aim to undertake most interactions either online or over the phone, in one-to-one or small group sessions. However, on occasion we may ask to bring the panel together face-to-face.

In return, NFER offers each panel member:

  • A small monetary contribution towards school funds
  • Preferential access and discussion on NFER research findings
  • Opportunities to be involved in the pilot of new products and services
  • NFER web listing of School Leader Panel members giving public recognition for your contribution

If you have any questions about the School Leader Panel, please contact Ashley Highmore.

To view the privacy notice for the School Leader Panel, please click here.