How to use Bite into Writing

Bite into Writing offers a flexible approach to curriculum planning. You can opt to use one, two or all three of the books – and in any order – during the course of year 6. Each book provides material for between half a term to one term’s work, depending on whether you choose to explore the thematically-linked texts and the wider curriculum links.

Example 1 uses all three books, leaving time at the start of the year and during the second half of the spring and summer terms for other teaching. Starting Book 3 early in the autumn term allows plenty of time to explore the themes in this full-length novel, incorporating guided reading time where appropriate.


Example 2 uses two of the books – fiction and non-fiction – during the spring term, providing a good range of writing opportunities in time for teacher assessment and moderation.


Example 3 uses all three books, allowing time to explore the thematic and wider curriculum links in Book 2 during the autumn term, whilst leaving time during the spring and summer terms for other teaching.


Example 4 uses two books – Book 1 during the spring term, generating a range of writing opportunities for teacher assessment – and Book 3 during the summer term, supporting secondary transition.


Example 5 uses one book per term, enabling pupils to explore the thematically-linked texts and wider curriculum links alongside the activities on the quality published texts and Spotlight texts.