NFER and Arbor MIS Integration

NFER Assessments have partnered with Arbor’s MIS for schools and MATs to enable both schools and Multi Academy Trusts to access all their pupil and assessment data in one place. 

The new integration between NFER Assessment’s free online analysis tool and Arbor’s MIS for schools and MATs helps Senior Leaders track pupils’ in-year progress and compare pupils’ performance nationally.  

Central teams at MATs will also be able to monitor and support school improvement across multiple schools and get an overview of whole Trust performance.  

Our partnership with Arbor helps to transform the way schools and MATs work by providing essential data to senior leaders, teachers, and office staff instantly as well as simplifying administrative tasks to reduce staff workload.  

The NFER Assessments dashboard on Arbor’s cloud-based MIS will provide schools and Trusts with essential overview reports of their assessment data including: 

  • Average standardised score of all academies within the Trust  
  • Performance term on term, year on year by school & pupil demographics 
  • An easy view of attainment per school and overall 
  • Assessment marks for each pupil in the Trust
  • Custom reports including curriculum reports. 

Our integration with Arbor MIS will enable schools and MATs using Arbor and NFER Assessments to: 

  • Automatically synchronise results from NFER Assessments back to Arbor MIS for MATs so central teams can get an aggregated view of results across all their schools 
  • Allow senior leaders at schools and MATs to use Arbor MIS to act on their results – for example by setting up intervention groups, or by building custom reports combining data from their NFER Assessments results and Arbor MIS.

For more information, please see the video below:

Request the integration

To request integration of your NFER Assessment data onto Arbor MIS, please click on the link below and complete the form to start the integration process.

Alternatively, find out more about the integration process or view our terms and conditions.

We are delighted to be working with Arbor on our first partnership to connect Arbor’s MIS with the results of NFER Tests for schools and MATs. The Arbor and NFER Tests integration will provide support to Multi Academy Trusts and schools to gain the insights they need in one single view.

Abby Coften

Head of Product Marketing and Strategy