NFER Spelling Tests

NFER Spelling Tests will help you assess spelling within each of years 3, 4, 5, and 6. These age-appropriate materials have been developed by assessment experts with teaching backgrounds, and are written for the current national curriculum. 

Our standardised spelling tests for years 3-6 will help you to:

  • track pupil progress with three sets of tests for use at any time throughout the year
  • inform your teaching with the use of diagnostic commentaries to identify common errors
  • compare your results to national scores.

Spelling tests for years 3-6

Across years 3-5, three spelling tests are available per year for use at any time, at the teachers' discretion. A teacher script is provided in each teacher guide. The teacher reads out each target word in a contextual sentence and pupils are required to demonstrate their spelling ability by writing each missing word in the space provided in the pupil booklets. 

In year 6, one spelling test is available for the autumn term and one for the spring term, included in the grammar and punctuation and spelling pack. 

Inform teaching and learning plans

NFER Spelling Tests are accompanied by useful teacher guides, including formative assessment guidance to help you identify common errors and inform your teaching. Teachers guides provide comprehensive guidance for administering and marking spelling tests, including advice on access arrangements for children with additional needs.

Alongside mark schemes, spelling teacher guides include diagnostic commentaries, providing formative benefits. These help you identify common spelling errors and misconceptions made by pupils and provide valuable next-steps guidance to help your pupils overcome these misconceptions. 

Below are links to examples of the type of guidance you will find in the spelling teacher guides and accompanying diagnostic guidance.

Make the most of your assessment data

Schools that use NFER Spelling Tests gain free access to the time-saving NFER Tests Online Analysis Tool. Record all your NFER Tests data securely online for quick, powerful analysis.

Providing valuable performance data, presented through a series of reports, the tool makes progress monitoring and gap analysis simple. 

Order NFER Spelling Tests now to gain access to the tool.