NFER Tests for International Schools

NFER Tests are trusted by thousands of schools around the world and are backed up by more than 75 years of assessment research.

When schools choose NFER Tests, they can be confident they are choosing materials that have been standardised with over 60,000 pupils to provide reliable and robust results.

Developed in line with the current English national curriculum (ENC), our range of assessments will align with and complement your teaching. 

Who makes NFER Tests?

The National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) is a charity and, like you, we know that the lives and futures of young people worldwide are inextricably linked to the quality of education they receive. NFER was founded in 1946 with the aim of providing research and insight into education to influence policy and practice and to positively improve outcomes for future generations.

This means that when you use NFER resources in your classroom you are supporting our charitable aims and your pupils are benefitting from NFER’s expertise in assessment and education, spanning more than 75 years.

How can I save time and make the most of my assessment data?

The valuable data gained from NFER Tests can be used formatively, enabling you to identify potential learning gaps to help inform teaching and learning plans. All users of NFER Tests gain free access to our online analysis tool, offering easy-to-use and powerful data reporting.

Use the NFER Tests Analysis Tool to:

  • gain a whole-pupil view - track pupil performance during the academic year and across year groups
  • view powerful benchmarking data - compare your results to the representative standardisation sample at a pupil, group, or class level
  • share reports with key stakeholders - benefit from powerful reports to view and compare pupil attainment and progress
  • instantly convert raw scores into standardised and age-standardised scores.

How can I find out more?

View and download free sample materials to view the types of question and format of NFER Tests. 

Have a question about NFER Tests or want to talk to one of our in-house assessment experts? Send our friendly Helpline for Schools an email on [email protected]