Choosing the whole-class texts

At the heart of each Bite into Writing book is a high-quality, published text – either fiction or non-fiction – to motivate and inspire pupils to write. With so many quality children’s books currently available, our selection is informed by the following criteria:

  • suitability for the target age group, including readers of different abilities, genders and backgrounds, reflecting diversity and inclusion
  • potential to promote high quality discussion and exploration in the classroom, as well as inspiring and supporting a range of pupils’ writing
  • scope to make connections with other published texts and/or other areas of the curriculum
  • written by authors with clear credentials in terms of writing for the target age group, or exciting new authors
  • potential for longevity (for example, recently published books by well-regarded authors, or books that have clearly stood the test of time)
  • cost effectiveness for schools.

Whilst each quality published text has been carefully selected, teachers will naturally wish to read the book in advance.

“Quality texts underpin Bite into Writing. The materials support teachers to craft engaging reading and writing lessons. Bite into Writing guides learners through purposeful preparatory work, helping create the expertise needed by pupils to write confidently and competently.” Education Consultant and LA Lead Moderator