Key Stage 2 Assessments

Our key stage 2 assessment range includes reading, mathematics, grammar & punctuation, and spelling tests for use on a termly basis across years 3, 4 and 5 and new year 6 assessments for use in the autumn and spring terms. 

NFER Tests are the assessment choice of thousands of schools and will help you to confidently and consistently monitor attainment and progress throughout years 1-6. When you choose our key stage 2 assessments, you’ll benefit from:

Termly assessments

  • Autumn tests give a baseline from which to monitor progress within the school year.
  • Diagnostic spring tests are perfect for identifying strengths and weaknesses, with diagnostic commentaries included in the teacher guides.
  • Summer tests for all subjects enable teachers to summarise attainment and progress both year-on-year and within the school year.

Age-appropriate materials

  • Our assessments have been developed by assessment experts, in collaboration with teachers
  • Materials are engaging for pupils, and reflect the format, style and challenge of the national curriculum tests

Free analysis and next-steps guidance

  • NFER Tests are supported by a free online analysis tool so you can manage your data in a secure online area and instantly generate a series of useful analyses and reports
  • Many of our materials include diagnostic guidance, providing formative benefits to help guide next steps in teaching and learning

Learn more about the online analysis tool

Learn more about our diagnostic guidance

To review the quality typical of our assessment materials, you can browse our full range of sample materials. Click here to view sample materials.

Year 6 assessments

Our new year 6 assessments complement our existing range of termly assessments, enabling consistent progress and attainment monitoring across key stage 2. One set of reading, mathematics and grammar, punctuation & spelling papers is available for use in the autumn term, and one for use in the spring term ahead of the end of key stage 2 national curriculum tests. An additional 70-page diagnostic guidance booklet is also included with all year 6 teacher guides to help identify gaps in learning and support further teaching.

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