Year 6 Assessments

Our new year 6 tests are available for use in the autumn and spring terms. These materials complement our range of standardised tests for years 1-5, and reflect the style and challenge of the national curriculum tests. In addition, we have included extensive diagnostic guidance, providing you with formative benefits, to help inform teaching and learning ahead of the national curriculum tests.
One set of reading, mathematics and grammar, punctuation and spelling tests is available for use in each the year 6 autumn term and year 6 spring term, enabling you to:

  • confidently measure pupils’ performance early on in year 6
  • gain formative information to support effective teaching and intervention in advance of the national curriculum tests
  • identify strengths and areas for development to inform next steps in teaching and learning, with the use of diagnostic guidance
  • build pupils’ confidence in sitting formal assessments, with materials that mirror the style of the national curriculum assessments

To help you review the quality of these new materials, examples of the type of content you'll find in our year 6 assessments are available here.

Additional diagnostic guidance included with year 6 tests

Each year 6 NFER teacher guide comes with a 70-page diagnostic booklet, written by our assessment experts. This guidance is more extensive than the regular guidance found in many of our teacher guides and additional information is provided, such as patterns of performance broken down by attainment groups: higher, middle and lower. Valuable next-steps guidance is also included to help plan teaching and intervention ahead of the end of key stage 2 national curriculum tests. Examples of the type of guidance you'll find in our materials are available here.