NFER Maths Tests

The NFER Tests maths range

The NFER Tests range includes mathematics assessments for use across years 1-6. These standardised tests provide reliable standardised and age-standardised scores to help you confidently monitor attainment and progress, and are supported by a free online analysis tool.

Two maths booklets are available for use in the year 1 spring and summer terms and year 2 autumn and spring terms (spring available to pre-order). Across key stage 2, one arithmetic and two reasoning booklets are available for use in each term in years 3, 4 and 5 and in the year 6 autumn and spring terms.

Our mathematics materials include:

  • layout and format that reflect the national curriculum tests, to build familiarity and confidence
  • a variety of question and answer styles including written responses, circling, ticking and matching
  • space for pupils to show their working out problem-solving
  • questions in line with the new higher expectations.

In year 1 the maths booklets are tired, and both include reasoning and arithmetic items, and in year two one booklet focuses in arithmetic items and one on reasoning items. Across years 3-6, one arithmetic and two reasoning papers are available per term, in line with the national curriculum maths tests. 

Mathematics sample materials:

Key stage 1 mathematics sample materials
Key stage 2 mathematics sample materials

The full NFER Tests range includes termly reading, maths and spelling assessments, all supported by the NFER Tests Analysis Tool to help you get the most from your test data.