NFER Spelling Tests

Spelling tests are available to help you assess spelling within each of years 3, 4, 5 and 6. These age-appropriate materials have been developed by assessment experts with teaching backgrounds, and are written for the current national curriculum. The accompanying teacher guides include formative assessment guidance to help you identify common errors and inform your teaching.

Use our standardised spelling tests to help you:

  • track pupils’ progress in spelling with three sets of tests for use at any time throughout the year.
  • inform your teaching with the use of diagnostic commentaries to enable the identification of common errors.
  • compare your results to national scores by automatically converting raw scores to standardised scores.

The NFER Tests Spelling range

Across years 3-5, three spelling tests are available per year for use at any time during the year at the teachers' discretion. In year 6, one spelling test is available for the autumn term and one for the spring term, included in the grammar and punctuation and spelling pack.

Spelling example materials

Below are links to examples of the type of guidance you will find in the spelling teacher guides.

Year 3 Spelling teacher guide
Year 4 Spelling teacher guide
Year 5 Spelling teacher guide



Reading and mathematics tests for years 1-6 and grammar and punctuation assessments for years 3-6 are also available. See the full range here.