NFER Tests Analysis Tool

NFER Tests have been developed by a team of assessment experts and standardised with over 60,000 pupils to help you benchmark your results nationally and monitor attainment and progress.

To help you get the most from your NFER Tests data, teacher guides provide comprehensive guidance for administering and marking the tests. Customers also get free access to our new online Analysis Tool to help you interpret your results. This easy-to-use tool allows you to record pupils’ marks from all NFER Tests in a quick and efficient online area to enable easy comparisons.

The online tool automatically converts pupils’ raw scores to standardised and age-standardised scores, and allows you to generate a series of easy-to-interpret reports. These include:

  • the Standardised Progress report which makes a direct comparison between pupils’ scores on two different assessments
  • the Question Level Analysis report which gives a more granular breakdown of results by question instead of test
  • the Programme of Study report which shows your class average against areas of curriculum focus
  • the Age-related Expectation report which shows pupils’ standardised scores and whether they have met the age-related expectations on the summer reading and mathematics tests.

The NFER Tests Analysis Tool has launched in ‘beta mode’ which means there will be a phased release of features and we will continue to enhance the site over the coming months.

Access to the analysis tool will be provided free of charge automatically with your order of NFER Tests.

Quick links for customers:

Login to the Online Hub to access the Analysis Tool

Visit the Analysis Tool support page