Support pupil outcomes in the summer term

Following a disrupted year of partial school closures, the role of assessment in identifying the impact of any lost classroom learning is vital. Thousands of schools use NFER Tests to assess pupil attainment and identify any gaps in learning, to help ensure that pupils make the best possible progress.

How can NFER Tests help support positive pupil outcomes?
Our termly assessments will help you confidently monitor attainment and progress in and across KS1 and KS2. They have been developed by a team of assessment experts with teaching backgrounds and standardised with over 60,000 pupils to provide reliable standardised and age-standardised scores. 

NFER Tests for years 1-6 offer an efficient and reliable way to:

  • benchmark pupil attainment and measure on-going pupil progress
  • compare pupil performance on an individual, group, and national level
  • see whether pupils are on track to meet age-related expectations
  • inform teaching and recovery plans
  • identify strengths and weaknesses and areas of the curriculum pupils are finding more challenging.

Our termly tests can be used flexibly over the summer term to support personalised learning and effective, targeted teaching.

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Can I gain additional insights from my assessment data?
Of course! NFER Tests are supported by a free, online analysis tool. This easy-to-use tool will automatically convert your pupils’ raw scores into meaningful data and generate a series of easy-to interpret reports.

One of the four reports available is the handy Question Level Analysis report, which highlights which pupils have performed better and worse on specific questions than the standardisation sample and links each question to the relevant national curriculum area, enabling you to use gap analysis to identify specific areas of the curriculum that pupils are finding more challenging.